Love to Travel Australia?
Let's Talk Camping!

Come and travel Australia and enjoy Camping Holidays in Australia - the great outdoors, bush camping adventures, camp cooking over the fire, sunsets on the beach;
This is what great holidays are made of!

Lets Talk Camping is all about camping in Australia.

After a day on the road, campers just love meeting up at campsites and talking about their adventures, their camping gear, their set ups, their Aussie road trips and giving reviews of places they been and what they've done. I like doing this, and I'm sure if you're a camper, you do too!

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Lets Talk Camping is written for people like us - people who love camping, people who love to travel Australia, those who love talking about it, writing and reading honest reviews.

  • Are you a camping newbie? It's also written to those who want to get into the camping experience and don't quite know where to begin. Here you will find camping checklists (so you know what to bring), information on all sorts of camping gear, and also a Camping Store.

  • Are you from overseas? Lets Talk Camping is about Australian Camping Experiences from Australian campers so if you would love to go on an exciting holiday, travel Australia and camp in Australia, this site will be your wealth of inside information. If you are interested in an Australian camping holiday you will find information here about getting around Australia and a variety of different travel options - to, in and around Australia and camping gear that would suit your travel plans. Here you'll find out from "the locals!"

I started this website in the passenger seat on the way to Uluru and enjoying the beautiful sunny day, blue sky, red sandhills and desert oaks. If you are on the road, where are you right now? Let us know.

I hope you enjoy 'talking' directly on to this site and adding photos of your Australian camping trips and enjoy reading other contributions. Write your camping story, or journal, while you're on the road and your friends and family can follow your travels, read your camping journal and add comments.

That's what I am about to do right now .... enjoy!

Check out the Camping Journal page!

Add your own!

Let us travel Australia with you!

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